Library Loot

I have this weekly schedule in my brain which rarely gets followed in real life. Yet, in my alternate reality I go along with it dutifully:

Mondays: I go to the library (and check out a realistic number of items)
Tuesdays: I go to the beach (Half Moon Bay or Hawaii)
Wednesdays & Thursdays: I keep free (for my spontaneous, playful alter-ego) 
Fridays: I always cook fresh fish (so my family gets their omega 3s)
Saturdays: the mornings are for cleaning my house (the 4/2 Craftsman in PDX)
Sundays: I frolick gaily in a meadow with buttercups (this is probably in Yosemite)

Are you laughing yet?

Well at least last week I made it to the beach, and this week I managed to get to the library.  Check out my loot!

Books from bottom to top:

Poetry by Heart (inspiration for Friday Poems)
Apartment Therapy (because I will have space to decorate again soon)
The Dangerous Book for Boys (the rope swing planted a seed)
The Printing Press (wow, $46)
Mudworks (for the Noodle and Nana to play)
Moving (I miss Mr. Rogers)
The Triple Bind (maybe it will save me too)
Come to the Table (Jeff is off work for a week)