Market Peonies

Sadly, on Saturday morning a migraine foiled my peony farm field trip plans with Chelsea. But I did go looking for 400 mg bottles of riboflavin at the natural foods market because my friend (who is a physician) told me it significantly reduces migraines if taken regularly. Lucky for me, the market had a beautiful florist on site, Espe Floral even though they didn't have the riboflavin. Elizabeth was a joy to chat with and we gushed over her peonies and exchanged business cards. Espe Floral Portland Oregon market peonies flowers photography by Jessica Nichols Sweet Eventide

Aren't they divine? I'm trying to reschedule my field trip. And wouldn't you know, I bumped into Espe Floral on Chelsea's Instagram photos from the peony farm. The floral world is small and beautiful.