I've been missing in action for awhile. I got sick on Christmas and so there went our holiday break. We missed Jamie's fabulous New Year's party that we had looked forward to for weeks and even Jaden and Jackson were overnight at Jeff's parents. We were scot-free from responsibility and too sick to party. How very sad and pathetic. We dragged ourselves out of bed to see Casino Royale and then dragged ourselves right back home to bed. Although spending the holidays with a double ear infection was not fun, in a way it was the most indulgent illness I've had since Jeff was home from work. I really lucked out. Usually I suffer through my fevers and various symptoms alone all day and in charge of Jaden.

None of us have even recovered and now we've lost Opa. We went up to Auburn on Friday to say goodbye. Jeff had only gone back to work for half a day and we picked him up early. We drove all over the Bay Area: San Jose to Redwood City to Danville to the Sacramento airport and finally to Auburn. Phew.

Now we're home and all still trying to mend. Jaden's almost done with his antibiotics (if only his mother would remember to give it to him) but happily back to school this morning. Jeff has taken a turn for the worse and off to the doctor tomorrow. I am holding steady, the cough has improved, the nose is the same and the hearing is still totally muffled. So I am also going to the doctor tomorrow.

This is a boring post but I had to get back into the swing of things somehow. We'll move the computer back to the office tomorrow and I'll be able to get back into my routines. (It's been in the bedroom so we could watch movies in bed).