Monday Morning: Big Sky and 50 Ways to Cope with Stress

First of all, good morning! I'm back! We had a very interesting road trip. It was the longest family road trip we have ever taken.

Big Sky seen in very northern California
taken with Instagram

We spent the night in Ashland on the way to and from Portland, which was a very wise choice. Most of the time I don't really feel 40 but my back sure tells me I am after 5 hours in a car.

Ashland, by the way?
 Could it be any more darling?
I have a new favorite haunt in Oregon now.

Second of all, I think this little ad blurb thing is an excellent (not perfect) way to start a Monday morning, especially after a week off of work and school. We got home Saturday evening and I worked from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. preparing for the upcoming week. I think my hard work will pay off and plus, I hosted my MIL for dinner to thank her for taking care of Bubba for us while we were gone. 

If you want, or need, some more advice, check out my Good Reminders pinboard on my Pinterest.

How have you all been?!