My Bedroom Improvement Project

I've been working hard on a new pinboard for the past few days to inspire me to work with the wall color in my bedroom. I called it simply My Bedroom Improvement Project. :)

photo from free people 

green rosettes photo by Silvana Ferreira

serene blue photo by Silvana Ferreira

I am working on pulling in the soft pink and orange tones. I have a new crisp white coverlet for the bed to tone down my seafoam green walls. My MIL is flying up to visit today and bringing her Benjamin Moore paint decks with her, yippee. I am not going to paint yet as too much painting going on downstairs for now, but I will finally get a color name for the current wall color. There are lots of other inspiring images on my pinboard for this room, and I am starting to love the idea of working with it.