My Little Frenchie

After Jaden's spontaneous "Je t'adore" on Friday, I decided tonight to offer him another phrase, "Je t'aime" as I was tucking him into bed. He repeated it perfectly. Okay then, "Je t'aime toujours" -- again perfect pronunciation.

I couldn't stop myself after that, so we had French 101 before bed.
My goodness the boy has an ear for this, every time perfect repetition after hearing it once.

"Comment ca va?"
"Ca va bien, et tu?"

"Il fait froid."

"J'ai faim."

"Je m'appelle Maman."
"Il s'appelle Papa."
"Je m'appelle Jaden."

Then I started showing off for my boy, I couldn't help it.

"Jaden? Je vais parler en francais avec toi maintenant."

I ended the lesson with "Bon nuit."

Now he's in bed and I'm looking up our favorite lullaby in French:

Vous ĂȘtes mon soleil, mon seulement soleil
Vous me rendez heureux quand les cieux sont gris
Vous ne saurez jamais cher, combien je t'aime
Veuillez ne pas enlever mon soleil

I can't wait to sing it to him! I'm going to try to memorize it.