Nature Boy

Here is our little man on a nature walk in Portland. We went with Jarrad and Aisha, it was so beautiful that it was surreal. I almost felt like I was indoors at a contrived outdoor exhibit. Hard to explain.

Oh, Harpo finally ate some food at about noon. I bought some wet juicy food to entice her. If she didn't eat by 4, we would have had to go back to the vet. I was getting really worried as I couldn't give her the pain meds without food. But the little packet of juicy beef (I don't want to know if it's not really beef) really got her attention. Luckily I stocked up. So she has her food, pain meds, Pepcid for nausea and glucosamine all working away in her belly. And I feel better.

I am realizing how worried I am about her biopsy results, so worried that I have hardly considered my own PET scan tomorrow. It's the fist time I've gone six months between scans in the history of my cancer.