On Vanilla

I was just searching my sent emails for something and ran across this gem about my deep feelings for vanilla. It's from July 10, 2003. It makes me laugh, my passion for vanilla.

"I don't think vanilla bean ice cream is at all boring by the way. Vanilla has a real depth of flavor to it, esp. real vanilla bean like Haagen Dazs. I really have a thing for defending vanilla, esp. when someone calls something boring by calling it vanilla: "that is so vanilla." I get so perturbed by that. I should be on the Vanilla Advisory Board and start a PR campaign for the underdog flavor of the world."

Some things never change, although I do prefer chocolate ice cream ever since I was pregnant with Jaden. (Thanks Jeff, I blame you for that.)

But, you won't catch me defending chocolate, I mean that's totally non-sensical. No one says anything like "that is so chocolate" when something is really great either. What's up with that? Maybe I'll start a new trend.

Here, I'll practice right now.

Buyer: I'd like to offer you 550k for your tiny townhouse.
Jess: That is so chocolate!