Out of Gas

I have nothing, zero, zip, nada for the dog lately.
Je n'ai rien pour le chien.

Oh wait, I do have something for him.
Loathing, resentment and anger.

I am running on empty. I am not sleeping well on my own and when I do manage to sleep, it coincides directly with the times Jaden is not sleeping well. Jaden is going through a serious rough patch with sleep and emotions which is hard enough on a parent under normal circumstances.

Add that to my mix of insomnia, major financial stress and a new j-o-b, and I'm juggling mountaintops with barely the strength to lift a cottonball. And I can't juggle anyway, I'm not that coordinated.

What I wouldn't give for a dinner and movie date with my husband or the next MNO. I miss my mom friends.

None of these types of things are going to be happening anytime soon. 2007 is the Year of Sacrifice to make up for all the Years of Indulgence. Oh wait, more like to make up for Years of Early Parenthood and Cancer Survival. Or both. It's really both. Sometimes we were indulgent and sometimes we were just trying to survive everything.

Normally a vent makes me feel a little better. I seem to have just cranked up my headache intead. But it seems to have helped Jackson somehow, he finally layed down on the floor like a GOOD DOG should. So I guess I'm one step ahead of square one.