Party Planning with Sweet Paul Magazine

Last night, my husband was busy and I had some rare pure surfing time online. Lucky for me, the newest issue of Sweet Paul was released yesterday. Also lucky for me? The Noodle's 8th birthday is a mere two months and 5 days away. It's as if Paul put out his first kids magazine just for me. Thanks Paul!

My son has been crushing on strawberries for years now. In fact, last weekend I found him a strawberry hooded towel, and last night after his bath, he made up a song & dance routine about how he is a little strawberry and "Mommy says I'm the juiciest strawberry in the field!"

Okay, come on! I know straws are bad, so bad, but come on! I cannot resist these. There is no way on earth I can resist them. And Shop Sweet Lulu? After finding this shop in the mag, I tweeted, I faint with glee. As if having a sister-in-law we call Lulu isn't enough to make me click over, the entire shop calls to me and reminds me of my other little blog that got ditched so long ago (over time management issues, not over a lack of love for the topic). Anyway! Back to the present...

This is pure little boy. There is no way my son will celebrate his 8th birthday without traktatiebootjes. Jurianne advises, The little boats sail out to celebrate weddings, new babies, new jobs, birthdays, anniversaries or sometimes even as treasure ships (with money or candies). Before you start folding, give your little boat its own name and write a personal wish or message along the railing." Um, okay! Will do!

Finally, instead of cake, I think I can convince influence show him these homemade pop tarts (spied on Pinterest where I hopped after devouring Sweet Paul).

So, in conclusion, for now, there is no party theme exactly. But lots of delicious, darling elements. Have you checked out Sweet Paul yet? Share a favorite find with me in the comments. :)