Pause for Photography: Rosina W.

I have been seeing Rosina W.'s photos in many of the Flickr groups that I belong to for quite awhile, but it wasn't just her dreamy images that caught my eye.

It was also her name. Rosina is a fairly unusual name and it happens to have a very sentimental association for me. My grandma's name was Rose and I was very close to her while she was alive. One of my two trips to Italy was with her in 1998 when we discovered about 40 relatives in Sicily that we never knew existed. That is a post (or book) for another time though.

It wasn't until nearly the last years of her life that I learned a lot more about my grandma, including the name she was born with: Rosina. I don't have a middle name, but if I ever decide to legally take one, it would be Rosina without a doubt. But let's get back to Rosina W. and her dreamy world.

all images © Rosina W. Photography

You can find more of Rosina's photos in her photostream, and become her fan on Facebook. I especially love her sun flares set. Thank you Rosina for making my blog extra pretty today!