Pea Soup

Today is MY kind of weather: steady rain with thick grey enveloping me everywhere I look and go. It's pea soup out there, that's what my grandma would say.

I need a day like this on a day like this. Earlier today we had quite a scare when we came home from the Noodle's class party with the class guinea pig and discovered our dog had accidentally turned our gas stove on! One burner was on full blast with an empty pot on top. Apparently he was trying to find a snack? In any case, although the house still smells burnt, it is all in one piece. I am counting my blessings.

My nerves are quite burnt as well which is why when I sat down to write a little blog post, I noticed the serenity in my own backyard. It is so opposite of what I am feeling in my body. I grabbed my camera and took a few quick snaps.

I feel a lot better now. A little hot cocoa and a viewing of Elf (Zooey singing is always a highlight) and I should be all fixed up. I think it's appropriate to order pizza for dinner tonight too, don't you agree?

Isn't this a lovely contrast to the outdoors? I'll leave you with this cozy scene for the weekend and hope you are all snug and happy!