Peacock Blue from A Creative Mint

Leslie from A Creative Mint is about the nicest person you could ever "meet" in blogland. We met in Blogging Your Way earlier this year and she is now a guest writer at decor8. Leslie is doing a regular feature called Color Me Pretty and every week she comes up with these amazing photo shoots and color combinations. This week she really floored me with her peacock blues.

photo credit: Leslie Shewring

Peacock blue is exactly the inspiration color for my entire living room. Last week I picked up a cute white desk on Craigslist and I immediately began styling it with some blue objects that I've been saving for this purpose. The desk sits right along this big white wall that I have begun filling with a gallery of white frames that feature lots of peacock blue, turquoise, red.

Now Leslie has inspired me with this photo to add a little yellow to the mix as well. I have had my eye on this darling phone but was on the fence about adding the splash of yellow to my desktop.

photo credit: Retro Reality

If I were you, I might be wanting to see a picture of the new desk but I really want to get more of the art framed and hung before I take the photos for sharing. Pazienza as my grandma would say!