Petaluma, Two

Okay here is the story of Jaden and baby Asher. I got to hold him for almost half an hour myself and it was heavenly. Newborns just smell so yummy and they look so old and wise. It is the strangest thing since they are new to the world. He is a very mellow baby.

Jaden sat on the couch and I helped him get comfortable with Asher in his arms. I put a pillow under his arm for support.

Jaden was so gentle and sweet and when the baby would fuss a little, I'd say help him with his binky, or rock him a little or sing.

Betty told me later that he was patting the baby softly the whole time. And when I told him to try singing, Jaden used his sweet little voice to sing Asher the ABCs.

At bedtime that night, Jaden asked Jeff if a baby would come out of my belly soon. Ouch. Lately he says that everyone is his brother and sister too. I think I did okay as a lonely only but I'm not so sure how Jaden is going to fare in that role.