Play Ball

When Jeff's Auntie Weenie was here visiting a couple few weeks ago, I was complaining about Jackson's various issues and how I'd love to walk him to get him some exercise but it's not happening at this point.

She said well why can't you throw a ball for him somewhere here?

I had never thought it was possible to do that at Betty's. At home I'd do it in the evenings because our street was fairly quiet. But after she asked, I realized Betty's street is fairly quiet too and also a dead end.

So I did it one night in the street and then after that I just started doing it in the yard. It works like a charm. I get two balls and some treats so Jackson will drop the ball and he's really getting the hang of it.

The cutest thing is now he is associating me with playing ball. I played with him last night and this morning as soon as I got up, he ran to get a ball and started following me around with it in his mouth. Aww!

The best part is realizing he only needs about 10 minutes until he starts slowing down. I played with him when we got home from school an hour ago and he's still panting and tired.

I think I am kind of sort of liking him a little now that we are bonding over tennis balls.

*Just* a little though.