I checked this book out of the library and I'm about 2/3 of the way through. I had to renew it once already so I need to hustle and finish it.

It is really thought-provoking. I have read a lot about eating locally in the past, but this book slams the idea home. The authors state that the average ingredient travels 1,500 miles from farm to plate.

I can't get that number out of my head. Here I am stressing over my Element's mpg and really my food choices are a way bigger problem! I thought organic or not was a big stress, now I need to worry about how far my food has come.

For example, my Trader Joe's canola oil comes from Canada. Ouch. My super yummy Ritz replacement cracker, Late July, comes from Maine. Goodness, I don't even want to talk about my olive oil. I need my Italian olive oil, hello!

My challenge to you: go see how many things in your pantry come from your own state. Forget 100 miles, just see if you are eating in-state.

I am beginning my Google process and this was the first link I checked after this search: average mpg semi trucks. 6 MPG!!! OMG. My Element is practically a gift to the planet after the amount of gas my little crackers traveled to my pantry.

I am going to drown with my crackers in a cup of long-distance tomato soup now.