Raining Hope -- Sold!

For those of you who have been following my painting journey since 2013, you will be pleased to know I have completed my first painting, Raining Hope. original painting with acrylics hung over bookshelf

I learned how to finish a painting by participating in Bloom True, the painting e-course by Flora Bowley. In fact,  I am auctioning off my painting in order to pay it forward and host a giveaway for a spot in the next session of Bloom True. Click here to read the beautiful story behind this painting that explains its name.

UPDATE: The painting sold within two hours of the auction going live! The most amazing part is it sold to the beautiful couple from the first wedding I ever photographed! And the bride was the Noodle's beloved babysitter when he was two!

I am humbled and honored that I can sponsor someone in Bloom True. I will post about the giveaway once I have it set up.