Santa Cruz Boardwalk

These pictures are from Jaden's second trip to the Boardwalk (was the first time one or two summers ago?) He pretty much thought it was the bee's knees both times. This year is the 100th anniversary. He still hasn't been with his Daddy though.

While we waited for Nana to come back from the bamboo nursery, we hung around the actual beach part of the Boardwalk.

Then Nana arrived and we started cruising and checking out the big rides like the Giant Dipper.

Jaden and I went on the Red Baron together the first time I took him to the Boardwalk.

It was probably my last time ever going on it since my kid likes to lean over the bar when we're paused at the top and yell "Howdy" to every little ant on the ground.

We learned that Nana is not a fan of the Red Baron or the Sky Glider. I like the Sky Glider, or at least I did when I was a kid. I never liked ferris wheels though.

We all stopped to watch the Typhoon in action.

And then we watched Jaden imitate the ride.

We ended our trip with an exciting ride on the Sea Serpent.

See ya next summer at the Boardwalk!