Scene Around Home: Cheer

This weekend, I rearranged furniture. I love rearranging our furniture. I cleared a big clutter hot spot from our front room that grew around a desk that wasn't being used for anything purposeful*. I repainted a table that has been green for 6 years and I've wanted to paint it white for at least one. Finally, I just grabbed the paint and went for it! Now there is a place to sit leisurely where once there was piles of clutter.

My mother-in-law brought me those yellow daffodils. Aren't they cheerful? And my beloved plum tree continues to cheer my soul with every glance out a window. Plum tree? I love you.

So this weekend, a little more space, a little more inspiration, energy, hope and yes, cheer. is what was seen around my home. (Full disclosure: I'm still working on finding homes for all the clutter, the piles are now in another room that doesn't greet me when I open my front door each day. It's still progress!)

Happy Spring!

* there will be more to come about that desk, I'm working on giving it some purpose & meaning.