Scene Around Home: Dear Santa...

Happy Friday everyone!

Today we have the Noodle's Winter Celebration at school. He attends a public K-8 charter school and they do this amazing all-school performance each December. Each class chooses what to perform and last year when one class sang Country Roads, I do believe 95% of the parents and grandparents were weeping.

I got these for our family this year and I just love the colors. They fit in perfectly with my white/red/turquoise color scheme in the living room. I also drooled over this white, quilted tree skirt but I resisted. Oh do I want that tree skirt badly! I can't find it on their site or I would show you, trust me.

I also wanted to share this year's letter to Santa. He wrote it in two parts: first what he wanted and then after viewing Elf, he added a second part.

Translation, part one: I want a BB gun please. I want a remote control car please. please. I want a remote control plane. I want a Lego set of the Death Star.

Translation, part two: Message. Dear Santa. I have tried to be nice so please don't put me on the naughty list.

I swear, his writing notes and letters this year is a major highlight of my life. I know I'm in proud mama mode but it's so precious to my heart. And yes, we assured him that he was not on the naughty list! He can be a challenge at times, but I told him last night when times are tough, weeks like this when I'm sick in bed for days, he always comes through for me and it means everything to me.

Okay sappy post done! I'm taking my sinus-infected self to buy a neti pot finally. Wish me ick, I mean, luck...