Speaking of Italian

Speaking of Italian, if we -- I mean, when -- we move to Redwood City, it is not too far-fetched to imagine that the three of us might drive or train it to SF for a little more Italy in our lives.

Continuing on this Italian note, here is the first Italian I ever learned, courtesy of Paolo on Friends:

Guarda la luna
Guarda le stelle
Guarda tutte le cose belle.

My friend Stefano, an Italian exchange student at the time this episode aired, seriously choked with laughter over this "totally lame" poem.

As I looked up this episode tonight, I found the most hilarious bit of trivia about Paolo. When Friends was dubbed in Italian, Paolo was translated as Pablo and all his lines (in Italian for us) were translated into Spanish! Ha-larious to me!

Someday I will blog about Stefano. He is from Bologna, or as he signs emails: TMBCOTMBCOTW. This did not have to be explained to me after hanging around with him and his Italian friends at UCSD for a year, I knew it was the ultimate acronym for "The Most Beautiful City Of The Most Beautiful Country of The World."

And that pretty much sums up Stefano, Italian men, northern Italians and northern Italians from Bologna.

I can't resist ending this post with a visit to one of my favorite sites of all time, In Italy. I used it to plan my second trip to Italy in 1999 with my grandma before she died. Someday, (i.e. when I have a house again), I will digitize all my Italy photos and go post-happy with them.