Sunday Thoughts

How about a new feature from the volumes of my dad's writings -- Sunday Thoughts. I worked in the garage tonight and found some of his prose and some poems mixed in. These are much more "recent" than the poetry collections I have posted so far. These have actual dates!

Friday the Thirteenth

The Three D's have dethroned me.

Death, Depression and Desire
Rage in my mind like a forest fire.
Driven by a wind that's gone raving mad.
Mad as my emotional swings, from high
to low, passed happy, beyond sad.
Behind vacant eyes, my thoughts hang
suspended, frozen there by naked lies
living the life in the world about me.
Dazed and alone I wait for the day
to end, for the light to depart
so the night can descend.
The night that is still brighter,
than the darkness that is within.
My skin and bones remain rooted like
a hollow tree, a long time dead.
No vital fluids flow through me.
I'm haunted by ghosts of a mad man's dreams
pinned down on the wheel of desire,
where the flames are merely shadows
rising out of a dark black fire.
Time like a snake wraps around my body
and turns me to sleep. But sleep is
a tunnel vertical and steep, where
the night stores its distortions, of
which I am one, alone in the dark and deep.
Into the abysmal of the depraved am I,
Depression has taught me to desire the grave.
There's no way out and there's no way in,
No way to stop or to begin.
Just darkness and darkness and darkness again.
The Three D's have not only dethroned me
They've done me in.

This one has some really good parts, to my critical thinking English major mind. I like the image of the hollow tree in particular. However, I would argue strongly that this is autobiographical. In which case, I feel a great sadness when I read it.