Sunny Cove

We went to a special spot in Santa Cruz on Saturday where my MIL Betty grew up body surfing. She has been taking the Noodle there this summer and they wanted to show it to us too. From the beach, you could see out to a sea cliff and lots of people were jumping off with their boogie boards. 

Do you want to see what the cliff was like?

the path down

the terrain

the tide pools

the sea anemones

the colorful plants

the view south of Sunny Cove

someone trying to protect herself from the fierce winds

and...the cliff facing Sunny Cove

Yes, my husband joined me after a bit and I walked back with his hat and shirt after he jumped off the cliff and swam back to shore. (That splash there is just from a wave though). Later on, he jumped off the cliff again...WITH MY BABY!