No not ocean surfing, web surfing. Being womped on my head with a longboard in 1993 (or was it 1994? details, details) pretty much ended my surfing career.

Anyway I'm surfing the web today and what I love about it, when I can do it this way, is how you end up in the most random places and have no idea how you got there. Usually my computer time is intense and short and not leisurely at all. But today I get a real sick day -- Jaden's at school all day so I can give my new antibiotics time to kick in -- and I even tired the dog sufficiently that he's passed out on the floor.

All of this is my rambling introduction to The Gallery of Annoying Web Signatures. Not all of them tickled me but this one did:

" design iS like tHe oXyGen tHat surrounds me "

maRc raNdomGuy
tHe innovator - pixel : industries
tHe uniter - creative : republic
pixel : industries
the art of visual communication

Rosenheimer Strasse 67
80797 munich
Germany | Europe | Earth One

thAnkS. raNdoM inTeRNal cApS arEn'T anNoyinG oR anYtHinG.
(Thanks to Chris Day for the submission.)

Chris Day's comments (in blue) is what cracked me up.

I am a sucker for good sarcasm.