Sweet Links

I've got a little cold plus a shoulder injury, so I apologize for being a bit missing around here lately. Also the heat wave? Oh my gosh. I'm not a fan! But I wanted to put together a little Sweet Links post for you because I miss doing those round-ups of things I've seen here & there and liked a lot.

This post from Design*Sponge is from before my birthday, but I keep coming back to it mentally and online. It is so visually stunning. I love the photographs of all the heirloom tomatoes, especially this one.

Next up is this positively gorgeous wooden bike shelf from Knife and Saw.

I really enjoyed this video interview with Amy Butler, her garden is amazing & she is seems so calm and mellow.

I loved this tutorial from Pugly Pixel. Katrina is sooo good at explaining things.

I used it just this morning to make that little button over there that says About Jess, which leads to my about page. I didn't think of adding the tails, I got so excited by the scallop-edged circle. I love scalloped edges on things.

How about we end with this Ooey Gooey Caramel Apple Blackout Cake?

This vegan! recipe comes from the new-to-me blog Desserts for Breakfast. Definitely sweet plus amazing food photography. :)

I hope you enjoy these Sweet Links as much as I did/do!