Sweet Links

On Wednesdays, I love to share a few links with you all that have caught my eye because it's a nice little diversion to get us through the middle of the week. Not that I advocate living only for the weekend, no way! We have to enjoy some part of each and every day (no pressure to enjoy every minute, I'm also realistic).

Right off the bat are these Vintage Camera photo blocks from Susannah Tucker, which went immediately into my Etsy favorites. Gotta thank Holly for another fab find!

Another instant fave, photographs like a perfect sonnet transport me right into a daydream about a life in which I am a vagabond musician who lives for applause and dollar bills in my weathered guitar case, where I stay up till 3 am writing new songs or going to my musical friend's gigs in seedy bars, I eat a lot of top ramen, sleep late, wear one of my thirteen pairs of Levis every day and it's possible that I smoke cigarettes. I'm not sure I go that far in my daydream, but maybe I do, since this is not me, not at all, because first of all I am a girl who likes fresh organic produce and who only owns two pairs of jeans.

Speaking of fresh produce, I made Erin's Pan-Roasted Cauliflower last week and it. was. divine. I didn't have pine nuts or chives on hand, but it was still fabulous. It will just be extra amazing if you have those two items. Also, today is the deadline to Say No to GMO Alfalfa.

This photo gesundheit! made me chuckle. I saw it in the sneeze-free Trees in Flower Flickr pool which is a great way to escape for an afternoon walk if you are indoors at the moment.

I think I'll end with this darling felted lovey that came to me via a tweet by Elena. People never cease to amaze me with their hand work! I'm dedicating the last two images/links to March, which brings us spring at long last.

P.S. My Red Longboard photo was featured along with the amazing Ryan Tatar over at Pineapple Luv this week, so that is definitely a very sweet link to check out.