Swirly Designs

Do you remember playing with these as a kid?

I did and when I saw this set at Restoration Hardware last Christmas, I indulged myself. Here is one set of swirlies (as I call them in my head) that I've made so far.

apparently it's sold out due to popularity

Of course the red, blue and green pens that came with the set just wouldn't do for me. So I set out on an expedition for better colors. You would be surprised how hard it is to find a) good colors in a pen that b) fits in those little holes. But I accomplished my mission at a local and adorable Japanese stationery store.

I have been a wee bit busy lately but this weekend I may have time for more swirly activities like this. You see I've planned a surprise weekend away with my husband! It's been a long time and the countdown is on. :)

(I am able to spoil the surprise just a bit on the old blog because I had to spoil it last week to prevent a working weekend instead.)