Tahoe on My Mind

I've had Tahoe on my mind for a few weeks now, courtesy of Jeff's desire to introduce Jaden to snowboarding this year. So I got him a lift ticket to Northstar, not realizing exactly how far away it is and therefore, kind of contrary to Jeff's idea of a day trip. No matter -- Tahoe, here we come. Someday soon.

In the meantime, I took a trip down memory lane as we have managed to get to Tahoe once with the boy. Four years ago, on January 19th to be exact, we rented a lovely little townhouse in Incline Village with Nic & Steven for a long weekend.

This was so long ago now that Jaden still fit
in the KITCHEN SINK for his nightly bath.

Ah, my heartstrings doth pulleth.
Or something like that.

I love you, my amazing Nordic Superbaby.