The Beauty of Children

I could not help but think of my son when I read this page of Keri Smith's intro to her new book how to be an explorer of the world

Every time we go out into the world we can choose to be alert to see what we've not seen before. A trip to the corner store can contain a multitude of universes. It only requires a conscious decision to "tune in" and activate all the senses. To be open to what we don't know yet.

-- Keri Smith

One of the many beautiful things about children is their innate ability to notice their environment in a way adults do not take the time to do. It can be frustrating if you are in a hurry and your child is taking 15 minutes to walk two feet down the sidewalk because every little thing catches their eye. 

But I am here to remind us (me!) that when possible, let go of our adult pressures and timelines and step into their worlds --  we won't regret it.