The Behavior of Birds

I have a sad category of blogs that I follow about children with cancer. It is not easy to spend time on these blogs but I am a cancer survivor and that will always be a part of me. I'm also a mother, so my heart will always be affected by these stories. Visiting these blogs can be hard but stunningly important, as they often contain beautiful reminders about living.

I would like to share excerpts of such a reminder today, from Xinxin's blog.

"Have you ever observed the behaviour of birds in the face of adversity? For days and days they make their nests, sometimes gathering materials brought from far away. And when they have completed the nest and are ready to lay eggs, the weather, or the work of humans, or some animal destroys it, and it falls to the ground, all that they have done with so much effort. 

Do they stop? Bewildered, and leave the work? No way....It hurts to go back to begin again...Even so, the birds do not ever stop, they continue to sing and build, and keep singing and building...

© Jaroslaw Pocztarski

Do you sometimes get the feeling that your life, your work, your family is not what you had dreamed? Do you sometimes want to say "enough"... it is all too much for me! 

Do not worry if you get injured in the battle, that is to be expected. Gather yourself together and rebuild your life, so that it runs well again...Life is a constant challenge, but it is worthwhile to mostly accept it. And never stop singing."

Currently, my life is not what I've dreamed. We are a one-income family and my husband's employer is going out of business in May. We are knee-deep in a very stressful job search in two states. The worry list is miles long, the reserves of patience and strength are never enough. 

I made a decision awhile ago to avoid discussing serious kinds of things here in my happy place, but I want to be real too. I will try not worry about the injuries to my spirit right now, they are to be expected at a time like this. I will try to mostly accept it, and remember that this too shall pass.

Sweet Eventide continues to be my song, and I won't stop singing anytime soon.