The Fast Lane

Yesterday morning Jaden woke up and asked Jeff if we could come visit his work office. He used his cutest, most earnest voice too. Jeff said we were welcome to visit any time. So even though going up to Redwood City after nap, with the puppy, and driving home in traffic around dinner time, is not my idea of a pleasant way to spend an afternoon, we went. I was motivated by the pure love of my son for his father and vice versa.

Of course, we had a lovely visit and had dinner before driving home. I was so thrilled to get on the freeway at 6:30 because the carpool lane was open for another 30 minutes, which should have covered most of our drive back home.

Jeff promptly fell asleep, Jackson too and Jaden was very quiet listening to his Chester the Cricket stories on the car stereo. I was swimming along and loving the fast pace of the carpool lane compared to the hideous commuter traffic in the lanes to my right.

Until. Until suddenly I am hitting my brakes and matching the exact pace of all those lanes of traffic. When they brake, we brake; when they go, we go. "What is going on?" I wonder. There are two cars ahead of me and nothing as far as the eye can see ahead of them. Just a wide open carpool lane.

The lead car, for reasons unbeknownst to mankind or aliens, is driving as if he was in traffic. He (or she, let's be fair, even with glasses there is no way I could see the gender of the driver two cars up) was literally mirroring the speeds of all the non-carpool lanes. We go on like this for miles and miles when suddenly, he starts driving normally. I look to the right and immediately notice we are past the bottleneck point and all the traffic is flowing nicely on the whole freeway.

I could hardly wait for Jeff to wake up so I could tell him this most amazing driving story. It made me realize that there is not a single day that goes by that I don't have some kind of very annoying driving experience or interact with very poor drivers. It seems to be getting worse and worse. But this was the doozy of them all.

What is your pet peeve when driving? Besides people driving in the carpool lane as if they're in the traffic, I'd have to say it's being honked at the NANOSECOND a stoplight turns green. Don't even get me started. At least not tonight.