The Girls

I'm only spending but spare moments away from my girl, we are hanging in there together. She has her ups & downs but the ups are pretty high and the downs are not too low so far.

She is still eating, the challenge is finding the right food at each meal. If only I hadn't injured my dog yesterday, I'd say she was doing practically awesome (minus the growing lumps on her body). I feel like such a loser mom that she got hurt too. (She fell out of the car on my watch, seconds after I reassured Jeff that, yes, I had her covered).

I plan to take her in to my own chiropractor tomorrow if need be, certainly I can do something about her sore leg since it seems the cancer situation is hopeless.

My point is right now I don't have a lot to say, I'm seriously working overtime at living in the moment and enjoying Harpo. After all, she is still here now -- warm, soft, breathing, loving, looking (no, gazing), listening, sleepy, perky, moody, hungry, thirsty, poopy, okay you get it.

I've been busy trying to restore the ratio of Harpo vs. Jaden pictures in my iPhoto library. It will take some effort but I'm always up for a challenge.

Here are a few of the girls, some taken by the girls and some by the boys.

(c) the little boy

(c) the human girl

(c) the big boy