The Secret

Okay, I got the buzz on this dvd from Jamie who got the buzz from Jenni and then of course I saw it on Oprah.

Well let me tell you about The Secret.

The Secret is I cried for one night about the lousy punk kids with no parental supervision and no moral compass who thrashed my car window on Friday evening while I was out back raking leaves with my feverish kid.

I cried because when I discovered this mess, I was headed to IKEA with my husband's blessing to look for a new bed frame for the new mattress were going to get with the balance of our tax refund.

Well I heard the glass shatter --

-- and with it my dreams of a pain-free sleeping existence.

We'll be buying a new car window instead.

But here's the Secret at work. After a mere one night of wallowing, I woke up and embraced the following perspective:

AT LEAST we have the money to repair the window. That is something to be grateful for...and I am. I am really trying to focus on that one solitary perspective because otherwise, the whole situation sucks big fat you know what!

(Okay so I haven't completely forgiven the rats which is another huge part of the Secret).