The Trumpet of the Swan

I found this at the library a few weeks ago and grabbed it for Jaden, who is super into audio books. He will sit in his room and listen and listen.

I am sad to say I had never read this book as a child or even heard of it at all until now. It is read by E.B. White himself and it is phenomenal. He has the most expressive voice and accent and Jeff and I laugh out loud many times while listening to him read this story. The old cob is our favorite character, he is priceless.

Jaden and I finished it this morning on the way to school and I feel sad that it's over. I definitely want to buy this one because I could listen to it again. The next times I won't be so nervous, I found myself anxious and anticipating some awful harm to come to Louis.

So! Six thumbs up from the Nichols! And 104 great reviews on Amazon as well.