The Vanilla Moon Project

Jamie and I are proud to introduce a special joint blogging project about Vanilla Moon, a new cupcakery in our town. It opened last week and sold out of cupcakes almost entirely by the time we arrived. Today there were plenty and we arrived prepared with cameras, notebooks and little boys. We were ready to Cupcake.

The adorable business card.

Today's menu.

Jaden and I shared the Red Velvet.

Yeah Mr. Milk -- we got you.

All gone already?

The Review:

This was my first red velvet experience of any kind. Honestly I've been a bit fearful of the red, not so much the velvet. I am happy to report that the Red No. 40 has not killed me yet. ;) In fact, it was flavorless.

This cupcake was very moist. Did I think the dye would suck the juice right out or something? Hmm. Jaden has never eaten red food like this either. It didn't slow down the inhalation factor one iota.

The frosting was very, very light. Fluffy like a cloud. Not too sweet, which I really appreciated. Overall this was a very delicious cupcake! I was surprised how light and delicate it turned out to be. I guess I expected it to be dense, rich and too sweet.

Next week, I believe I will enforce my maternal powers and get the coconut. Sadly Jaden has taken after his father and informed me that he is "not too fond of coconut Mama."

Now I wonder what did Jamie try?

What did she see with her camera?