The Vikings

I have not been very playful lately but this weekend I thought of something that I wanted to do with Jaden. He has these Vikings and a ship and I asked him about one's name and he said they didn't have names. So I Google'd a list of common Viking names and we were off!

Master Grim, the leader





Annund (L) and Volund (R)

After the big naming ceremony, they had circle time and sang "We are the Vikings" to the tune of Laurie Berkner's We Are the Dinosaurs.

(Okay I made that part up, they didn't actually sing).

Then Master Grim called the group forth to battle!


Who says totally structured play is wrong anyway? I say my form of highly structured play is better than no play at all. ;)

P.S. Yes, Gudrek and Bergfinn are twin brothers (sisters?).