Things I am Not Afraid to Tell You

I hope what came through in my last post is the message that I crave a balance in blogging, just like in life. I like the pretty, I like the real, I like the happy, I like the sad, I like it all mixed up, just like life.

"All is Well just the way it is; 
all weird and broken and wonderful." 
Mandy, on Little Brown Pen's post

I thought that was such a wonderful way to sum up the whole idea! So here is a bit of weird and wonderful news from me, something I am NOT afraid to tell you: yesterday I gave my notice at my day job of the past 19 months!

Do you know that I walk or drive under these trees on my street every single day? I look up through them and get all lost, so happily lost. I dream and dream and dream. Dreaming is but half of the equation though. It is time to act. These big, old, stately, beautiful, strong trees started out small, mere saplings and now look at them! I definitely see myself in these trees. With my husband's amazing support, I will now be able to grow Sweet Eventide into her fullest, most abundant potential.

I have been on Kelly Rae Roberts' email list for a long time and last night, she happened to send this image out to her subscribers:

Synchronicity! Amazing, right?!