Three Things

This week has been full of deep conversations with Jaden, perhaps brought on by his big graduation into the real world. ;)

Who knows, it's pure Jaden though.
Here are three snippets to share.


Mama, what kind of person do you want to be?

What do you mean exactly?

I mean, what do you want to be in the world? As a worker?

Oh. I want to be doing creative things. I want to work in a big room with hardwood floors and a beautiful color on the walls and white shelves that hold pretty things and I want to create.

Oh! You want to be an artist like Jamie!


Well maybe she'll invite you to her studio sometimes and teach you how to do it.


Mama, I love you very, very much.

I love you very much too!

-- there is a long pause, and then a quiet voice --

I can't even explain in words how much I love you.

{my heart melts into a puddle that would consume an island}


Mama, there are three things I am good at.

I am good at snuggling.
I am a good artist.
And I am sweet.

These are the three things I am most proud of myself about.

{This conversation was just purely random over lunch this week. No lead-in whatsoever. In fact, we were quietly munching our carrots or apples or something like good little rabbits.}

PJCC Pool Party, 6.11.08

Jaden, thank you for sharing your beautiful soul with me every single day. You give me so much to think about, sometimes your questions are relentless but they are good questions! You give me the space to dream and challenge myself in my thinking through your conversations.

Like this week, thanks to you, I had the chance to verbalize a dream for myself with what kind of worker I want to be and to think about what three things am I most proud of myself about. Maybe I'll make my own list soon.

I love you cutie.