My town had a city-wide garage sale this weekend and my goodness! It was bursting with goodies. I only had about two hours to hit it all and thank goodness for birthday parties or my wallet would have really been in trouble!

Here are a few of the treasures I found on Saturday morning: a vintage set of bar tools from a lovely older man selling his goodies partly from his actual garage, the brown and white transferware sugar bowl (the minor repairs make me love it more somehow), my fourth vintage camera (I think once you pass three, it's officially a collection), and two matching mid-century chairs.

I cannot choose a favorite treasure, but there is a big tie between the Yashica 44 or the red chairs. You can still get film for this camera and so I am eager to track some down and play with it. I already found a set of images from this camera on Flickr. I scored my Yashica for $10 and learned later that on eBay they sell for a range of $46-127.

The chairs thrill me to no end, I now have enough seating in the living room to have people over. Also they came from a very nice couple who got them from their parents. They told me they have many happy memories with these chairs and it was hard to part with them. I was almost out of time and out of cash, but my good friend spotted me the $35 asking price. Here's to Gene & Lucy! I promise to take very good care of your chairs.