Clare asked in the comments of my post the other day what I got at the Niles Antique Fair. So I had a little photoshoot at home this morning so I could share. This was after clearing the house of all the noisy boys in my life. :D

I am hoping to hold the Lego Crew back until Christmas, but it's hard. They are so cute and I specifically chose these five out of a large box of Lego dudes and dudettes. And I chose the two girls because they seemed fierce and rugged to me and I think they will be good role models. 

The mail sorter took my breath away and the price tag didn't so it came home with me without too much thought. It will go in our still-empty living room when I find the perfect white table to set it upon. I have been looking for this table for weeks now. It will come to me, I just know it.

I will put my last treasure on Sweet Eventide's Facebook Fan Page. Have I ever mentioned I made one here on the blog? I wouldn't be surprised if I forgot that detail. M goal with the Fan Page is to supplement the content here on the blog. I'm not into triple hitting everyone with the same information on the blog, FB and Twitter.