Trixie Tracker

Jeff is so totally ridiculously lucky that Trixie Tracker wasn't around during Jaden's first year. As if the "logbook" wasn't anal enough on my part, just think of all the pretty charts I could have created (i.e. "striking visual summaries")!

I was too brain dead to analyze all the data I collected on Jaden's naps and bottles and the convoluted relationship between the two that I was sure existed, if only I could prove it. And Jeff, what a darling supportive man he is, actually dutifully recorded everything that happened when he was on duty.

But watch out if we ever do get brave enough for baby #2 -- I will be Trixie Tracking my exhausted fingers out! HA! The SAHD that invented this has got to be a Virgo after my own heart.

Now where is my logbook anyway? It just occurred to me that I could retroactively analyze Jaden's sleep & food routines from 2003!