We Are SO Using This Tip

Tips for taking good group photos:

You set the camera to take the photo in timer mode, even if you have a spare person available who could take the photo.

Have the group pose roughly the way you’ll want them, so that the camera will be zoomed the right amount. Okay, is the camera all set? Then EVERYONE who’s going to be in the photo should come over and stand by the camera–not just the person who needs to stand there to press the button.

Anyone not able to move comfortably can stay in the pose position, but everyone else should be at the camera. Press the button, and now EVERYONE run to get into position before the 10 seconds is up.

This results in rosy-cheeked, happy-looking groups, though the group gets more disheveled looking with every “one more time, just to be sure we got a good one.”

Coming soon to a holiday card near you!