We Need a New Path

I received new evidence against Lancôme and Chris Benz recently, and I was going to share it last week but then...

....my husband's cousin died unexpectedly in a horrible kayaking accident.
...Friday happened, FRIDAY HAPPENED.
....and now Instagram/Facebook has released an exploitive new terms of service.

I know Instagram's new TOS is not at ALL related to horrible loss of life but my relationship to corporations very much relates to my daily life and brings up big-picture (pardon the pun) issues for me. Over the past few days, I have asked myself WHY like millions of other people. I keep coming back to the idea of disconnection.

I feel our society is largely disconnected from each other and it shows in how we consume our food, our earth, the internet and all manner of material things. I see a lot of corruption at the corporate level, yet we keep on consuming what they are selling. This is why the Instagram news bothers me, it is just ONE MORE example of all of these issues. We click and rush through our days. It makes me sad. I do not want to live this way.

For a long time, I have thought sharing my view of the world through my camera was one way to make my world better. But I am not so sure anymore.

I find myself wanting to retreat into my home, surrounded by the people I love. I am incredibly fortunate to have my immediate family intact! I want to snuggle up with my dog on the couch and think about how to make the world better.

So, I am about to close my shops for the rest of the year. I need space to think about what I'm doing and what is next for me, my little old camera and my time and energy. I will be back on January 7th, hopefully with a little more clarity than I have today.

Thank you to all of my supporters on the infringement fight and to everyone who has supported me from day one. I wish you and your families a peaceful holiday.

To all those who are suffering this holiday season, I send you all the loving kindness my heart can muster.

We need a new path. This is all I know for sure right now.