Wednesday Window Shopping

Today I am shopping for some stress relief.

Hatteras hammock
$659.99, but out of stock

I really dig the cypress arc stand, of course two palm trees would do too.
In fact, as far as hammock stands, my priority list actually would be:

1. Two palm trees on a tropical beach
2. Two mature sycamores in a big backyard
3. A cypress arc stand
4. A metal stand

Actually, who cares what is supporting the hammock as long as I can take an uninterrupted nap when I get too exhausted from reading my favorite magazines?

As far as the hammock itself, well the possibilities are endless. I was quite torn between the pale blues which remind me of the ocean and the red because when it comes to red, let's face it, I'm still a slut. I definitely have a preference for these wide ones that will hold me and either of my sweeties with ease.

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