I heart blogging so much precisely because of the thrill of discovering a new one that just makes your day/night/week/whatever!

Like Whoorl which made me laugh so hard tonight just when I was starting to think I had actually, truly forgotten how to do that basic human activity.

It was so good that I found myself writing an almost-urgent thank you note:

To: Whoorl
From: Jess

I have had one of the longest 7-day periods of my life since -- I was going to say since I became a mom almost five years ago but let's face it, every third week feels this bad.

This time it's because my husband went on his longest business trip ever (3 days, I know I'm a spoiled wuss) and precisely one day after returning home, he threw his back out. My son is on a downward spiral of where-did-my-routine-go, maybe-whining-and-screaming-will-bring-it-back. There has not been enough coffee during the day or wine by night to get me through.

And then.

I stumbled on your blog for the first time.

And 3 seconds later, I was laughing so hard that I was crying and my gimp husband sent said beastly child down the hall to check on Mama.

"Mama, Daddy wants to know if you are laughing or crying?"

I'm both baby, I'm good, really good.

Thank you!!!