Last night, about oh 9 p.m., I heard a funny noise down the hall. I said to Jeff, "I think Jaden is playing with something" and he muted the tv and replied, "No, I don't think so."

I am here to tell everyone to always trust their instincts.

A short while later, I went down the hall to get something in the kitchen and I saw a flash of color out of the corner of my eye in Jaden's room. It was his brightly colored duvet flying over his head as he dove into bed to pretend he'd been there the whole time.

I turned on the overhead light and gasped.

The noise?

Jaden going through my little jar of markers on my desk.

The result?

I can only tell everyone this. These items had been safely stored away in one of my famous plastic bins which I recently took out of the garage and brought into my room. I brought the bin in because the items inside were too precious and I felt nervous having them out in the garage for some reason.

Then I thought, I should really scan these photostrips because I never did and as you can see, the one I displayed for years on my fridge is fading fast. Luckily they gave me two strips, presumably one for each friend, in my case two for Mama who will never have another little baby like this.

So I had the strips and diplomas out, exposed and vulnerable.

I never thought my son would do something like this. I don't understand it and keep asking why. Of course he's four and doesn't know why.

Are you angry at Mama? Jeff says no way.
Were you trying to get attention from Mommy & Daddy? Probably not.

Are you pushing the limits, testing the boundaries of bedtime? Maybe.

Did you just want to do art work? Are you pushing the limits of the media you have been provided thus far in your artistic career? Jeff thinks this is possible.

Is my heart broken? A resounding YES.