Wine Notes

Inspired by Friday night's Women & Wine event, I am going to start noting which bottles I try and enjoy so eventually I am not totally reinventing my wine wheel each week.

Last week, I surprised Jeff when I was in the mood for white wine after being in Pajaro. For some reason, I enjoy drinking chardonnay with Marsh and I wasn't quite done with it. We tried one from Chateau St. Jean.

Here it is on our dining table, sadly I can't tell you the last time before this we had a candlelit dinner together at home OR out.

I liked it so much that a couple of days later, I had Jeff go get another bottle.

Now after this event Friday night, I am totally back on my red wine wagon. I had two different Bordeaux there and talk about yum. Maybe after I spend some energy on the Women & Wine site, I'll be able to describe what I liked about the ones I profile.