With These Hands

Pardon the absence around here! I got a 'lil wrapped up in the household the past few days I guess. I am here now though to wrap up my posts about Pajaro Dunes. I'd like to share two things that I made while I was there.

First up, a sweet and tiny bunting. I like to call these fabric garlands "buntings" although most probably call them a pennant. Here is a little more reading about the term, if you're interested. I used Oma's pinking shears for this project which made it all the more special. I brought a stack of fabric from my stash and it doesn't match the room decor but who really cares? Not my six-year-old boy, that's for sure. This took about 15 minutes to make, I highly recommend it. Thanks to Green Bean for the idea.

Okay this one takes a bit more courage to share because while I have some luck behind the camera, being behind a paintbrush is a completely different story. But I brought my gouache from Mariss (see her comment on this post) and I had an oceanfront seat at the dining table, so how could I resist trying to capture some of the magic?

Yep, I pretty much throw everything into the Noodle's room when I'm done creating. He doesn't seem to mind though, or at least he doesn't say anything to me about minding. ;)

Soon (hopefully), I have some pumpkin projects that are wanting to be made with these hands. They are too cute! We have short days at school all week so maybe they will become mommy/little boy projects.