This holiday season I am obsessed with wreaths.

It all started at Target, where I saw this bay leaf wreath:

Only I didn't like the bow they put on it. Also it was $50 which seems a bit high to me. Of course I did my usual mental routine, "I can make it myself!" Alas, I don't know where to get enough bay leaves (real or fake) to fill a 24" wreath frame.

I see that this wreath is on sale now for $35. That seems a bit more reasonable. I do adore it. I could put my own ribbon on, right?

Moving on to candy ones!

Now this looks FUN! But do you have to throw it away or is there some way to preserve it? Hmmm.

And then there's always the Martha way, I absolutely love this moss wreath shown on that link.

She makes a wreath for every window of her house according to the Handmade for the Holidays video I checked out from the library recently. Luckily I don't have nearly the amount of windows she does!

I just want one ginormous wreath over my mantle!