New Year Thoughts

I trust you are settling in to the new year, at whatever pace is best for you. I love the energy of January and I continue to try and pace myself, because it is still my nature to want to do too much in one day. My family and I went on a long overdue vacation the week before Christmas to San Jose del Cabo with some good friends.

travel photograph san jose del cabo mexico hand carved wooden turquoise door pottery plants

Although I was sick for most of the trip (boo), I did make it out on a paddleboard on our last full day, fulfilling a dream and a promise I made to myself every day on the radiation table back in 2015. Sick or not, it was glorious to be warm and listen to the ocean day and night. You can see more of my Cabo photos here.

stand up paddleboard ocean SUP sea of cortez mexico cancer survivor travel photograph

The colors have definitely lingered in my soul and my "word of the year" is show up: to the canvas, to my body, to my business, to my community.

abstract painting travel inspiration motivational quote word of the year 2018 show up in gold lettering

I really struggled with a lack of an inspiring, well lit, painting space in 2017 which is why I did a lot of watercolor work at my dining table instead of acrylic on canvas. After we took the Christmas tree down, the empty corner in the living room by a wall of windows was calling my name. So I've set up a mini studio right in the living room. It's a bit strange painting here but the light is so worth it. I've got two paintings going at once now, this pink/golden one and of course, I started the new year with an ocean blue palette.

abstract painter paint palette neon pink art inspiration behind the scenes studio

I don't think I ever told you but the very first layer of every painting I have ever made is full of secret messages like you see in the upper left corner of that collage up there. I intentionally infuse the painting with the energy of the messages. I let it be a mystery afterwards too usually, I paint over and trust it is all tucked in each layer. But when I shared this part of my painting practice with a friend last week, she thought it was a very important part of the story of each painting. This year, I am going to keep track of the secret messages for each painting and include them for each new owner on a handwritten note. 

In addition to painting, I've been doing some purging in my kitchen to support ease in cooking this year. I've been treading lightly into yoga before bed because I'm nursing a shoulder injury. I'm 2/3 of the way through planning the first quarter of the year for my business, with a heavy focus on finally getting my wholesale program up and running. By the end of this month, I will finish out the plan and also choose my core four to support in 2018 politically. I wrote a future letter to myself on New Year's Day, do you do that? It's not too late if you're interested. It's your year, your pace remember. I also printed some family photos from our vacation and framed them, all that's left is arranging them on the wall achieving a goal from 2017 when I sadly realized I'm a photographer with no family photos on the walls. 

Finally, back around to painting, I found this interview I did from 2016 and I love the way I described creativity as opening space to let your soul shine through. I'm experimenting with painting in different sizes than my standard 30x30. One idea I'm toying with is doing custom mini paintings with your intentions for the new year layered in.

abstract painting painter artist portland oregon commission works of art

What do you think of that? Interested? Write me an email and let's talk about it.